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Doom 3 crashes really soon into 2nd level

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Just been playing Doom 3 a little and it crashed soon after leaving the Medical bay. The screen just hung and the computer was frozen. Upgrading to 1.1 has made it hang as soon as I leave the lift entering the level. Anyone any ideas what's going on? For the time being I'm playing it on the Xbox.


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Gigabyte P4 mb
1024mb DDR (PC3200) ram
p4 3.0ghz cpu
1.1tb hd
ABit Radeon 9600 video card
NEC dl DVD writer
17" tft multimedia monitor

latest drivers.
usb mouse. usb lots of things, perhaps Doom isn't reading the mouse very well with all the other activity.
Doom selects high quality and I have tried adding anti-aliasing which might be a problem.


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