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Heh Dumb Story I Wrote For English

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Yes I know it makes no sense.

Select Quotes:

‘Ping’ duty was especially boring as it involved running to another system, ringing its doorbell and when the door was answered, running away again to report back to your home system. Bob was upset that he couldn’t be doing something interesting such as sending data to an IRC channel or retrieving JPEGs from a porn site.

Dan, the lucky packet, was probably right now off surfing through the World Wide Web for the User. Bob hated Dan. He got all the girls.

It sure beat when the User only paid for 56 kilobits/second which meant that the packets just had crappy worn out running shoes which they purchased from some hobo packet who had been sent off to do something for the User and when he returned his system was gone, leaving him in the cybergutter of the cyberhighway.

The penguin flew Bob home faster than the time it takes for a Windows system to crash. The penguin could fly because he was free. If you are free you can do whatever you want. Bob thanked the penguin, and told everyone his story, back at his system. Nobody cared.

Read it for more!

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Which brought him back to square one.


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I'm guessing that the flying penguin is Tux from Linux, correct? I love that penguin...I love Linux...although I have been lulled into a false sense of security by Windows...

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pretty good dude, I like it, I hope your teacher has a good sense of humor and a little knowledge of the computer/internet world :)

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Hehe, I thought it was brilliant. Call me crazy but I think you could make a movie out of this, something like that with Bill Murray and Chris Rock...Osmosis Jones.

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