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EDGE Config file (get it here)

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I am working on the EDGE doom engine. In my opinion edge is better then the others because it lets you "program" your own Sector effects and Linedef actions within the wad file in a simple script-like language. EDGE has a lot of features. I needed a config file for the over 300 features so i made one. I changed the descriptions of the sector effects and linedef actions to, to match the descriptions in the EDGE wad file. I couldnt be bothered to cathegorize the linedef actions yet (will soon follow though). It's made for edge.wad 3.0.0 (which comes with the 1.28a edge engine)

EDGE can be grabbed here:


and my config file for it, can be grabbed here:


If codeimp wants, he can put it in his release.

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Id like to include it with the next release, however, I cannot keep it up-to-date as I dont know anything about EDGE. Would you like to keep updating the configuration?

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sure. I'm not sure how much they will update EDGE anyway (since the last release was over a year ago somewhere in 2004). And i have to cathegorize the linedef actions.

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