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Weird shit

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So, completely out of the blue, for no apparent reason, I decide to change my signature - to the following Befunge program:

55+"dlroW olleH">:#,_@

So I do it. Then I go to Slashdot - and there they have a new article, about esoteric languages, and one of the very first comments contains precisely, char by char, the same program!

Yet another reason why /. sucks -- now I have to change my sig again. I definitely don't want anyone to think my sig came from a /. comment...

Slashdot is evil. They read your minds. Don't go there.

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At least you don't have that 101010101010010101010101010010010101 sig anymore...

BTW, EVERYONE reads my mind. I would be rich if I patented every idea I ever came up with.

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