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Long Overdue Art Thread

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I've been quite busy lately. (Note: Some of these may be reposts, so just bear with them)

Mancubus Version 2.0
Cyberdemon Version 2.0
Imp Version 2.0
Arch-Vile Version 2.0
Cacodemon Version 2.0
United States of Anarchy DVD Cover
"Sick" Nick Mondo
Little Horn Is Born
Cruci-Fiction In Space
The American Dream
The Imp Colored
The Imp Colored Alternate
With Teeth
Rusted Anarchism
The Birth of A God Pt.1 (Graphic Violence/Blood/Gore Warning)
The Birth of A God Pt.2 (Graphic Violence/Blood/Gore Warning)
Evil Poof Thing Redux
Charlie Is God
Tar Man
Ogre B&W
Ogre Color

Now that I look at this post I realize that I have no life. Also, there's a photomanipulation I'd like to share but there's a slight bit of nudity, would I be allowed to link to it, or should I just let people look for it themselves on deviantART?

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Depends on how slight, I guess. The latter would be the safest (and may boost your traffic ;))

Great cybie and mancubus, BTW.

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THat cacodemon is too cute for its own good. Great work though. ^_^

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