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So...any news about new WadAuthor version?

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Just another plea for ol' Philo to post any information about how the new WadAuthor is comming along (any news is better than no news...even if it is just repeated; keeps everyone on their toes...;)


Paul L. Ming
...waiting on fishhooks and hot pokers for any news...

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I went into John Williston's WadAuthor site, and the last progress update was in March. I had e-mailed him in June, and here's what he had to say:

"I was going to make another post soon to indicate that I'm now over the ISP switch and will again be working on WadAuthor in the near future. Feel free to pass that along to the Doomworld guys at your leisure, as I keep forgetting to post it (grin)."

Yo can e-mail him at: wc@speakeasy.net

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