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Need help with doom builder: adding your own textures

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i need help with doom builder...

... i do not know how you are meant to add you own textures because i have seen many wads that i have downloaded have
their own textures!

i am a bit of a newbie to mapping i started about 3 weeks ago

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umm ok to add your own textures you need a program called "Wintex" or "XWE". IMO i prefer Wintex 4.3 its less buggy...as for working with DB...go look for some tuts on the DB webpage or atleast ask a more specific mapping question.

But like i said the texture thing is just adding them to the wad by using either wintex or XWE. to learn how to use those look up their tuts as well.

have fun.

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The guy meant XWE when he said you should get WinTex.

Get XWE, and read the simple instructions on the Help tab.

XWE/WinTex are for compiling the WAD file which holds your new graphics (+sounds, music, ...)

To use them in Doom Builder, when you start on a new level, address the location of the WAD file in the bottom field. If you already have started on the level, press F2 to open the Doom Builder properties for that level.

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