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Playstation link cable play

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I have two playstations hooked together with a link cable and two copies of doom and I'm not able to play cooperative or deathmatch it just keeps saying attempting to connect. I really don't think that there is anything wrong with my playstations or the cable, I'm wondering if there is just something with the game that I'm just not doing right. Any suggestions?

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Considering how rare Playstation link cables are, I'm not sure how they work (perhaps you have to wait longer than you are, I don't know). Unless you're trying to connect with a pair of PS2's, in which case that's entirely the wrong kind of link cable. (I doubt that it's the second case.)

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Ive played psx doom with a link cable some years ago, but i didn't had any troubles.
Have you tried pressing the X button on both controllers, that should work.
Both consoles have to connect in order to work, by pressing X on only one controller doesn't work.

You need these things to play coop/deathmatch, connect everything the right way and it must work.
-Two televisions
-Two playstations (psx)
-Two doom games
-One link cable
-Two controllers

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