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Who here has attempted learning a programming language?

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spank said:

Obviously HTML is a programming language in the sense that it tells the web browser how to behave ie., what to render. Interactivity isn't a requisite (most programs one uses aren't anyway).

No, no, no. That is faulty and incorrect HTML design. The original HTML was never intended to contain tags for formatting a document and HTML 4.0+ does not; on the other hand, Cascading Style Sheets tell a browser how to behave. HTML tags were intended to define the content of the document. It is just mark-up to delineate sections of a document -basic formatting. It is no more of a programming language than the scribble we're inserting into the text box here in the reply area.

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my job is web programming, using ASP (lets save the php/cgi vs asp debate for another time shall we :-) but it's a real pain because on the server side you use VBScript (nasty nasty nasty! sometimes i get away with using JScript :-) and SQL to interact with the database then on the client side you have HTML for the content, Javascript for interactivity and basic form checking, CSS for layout and design and finally HTTP, the language of client server communication. somehow you have to use the VBscript to generate parts of the aforementioned other languages without

a) your code getting so complex it gives you a headache
b) it getting fucked up because someone typed a ' or a " into a box
c) it remaining secure (i.e. you cant type SQL into the URL and delete the entire database!)

b) is probably the hardest part because all the language use different escape codes, i.e. in javascript/Jscript the letter " is expressed as \" , in VBscript it's "", and in HTML it's &quot; ... in javascript a newline is \n (or \n\r or \r but that's academia) and in vbscript it's VBCRLF, in HTML it's the ubiqutous <br>

etc etc

i can do it, and do day in day out without breaking a sweat, and am paid a fair amount of money to do so

i also dabble in C/C++, being writing my own physics engine on and off for the past couple of years, uses basic opengl and you can bounce spheres and cuboids off each other using per-triangle collision without it getting bogged down in code and clock cycles but i'm having trouble combining quaternions with conservation of momemntum (it's easy for linear collisions, and quaternions for rotation per-se is fine too)

in my pre doom community days i spent a number of years coding for a prominent Half life mod (not CS, nooo!) but have never actually made anything that was ever released satisfactorly. i'm looking at the possiblity of resurrecting an idea for PDA gaming i had back in the early 90s with a game i made in basic on the Atari ST but i'm shit at graphics!

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Well what do you know, my job is web development using ASP 3.0/VBScript (and a little JavaScript) as well. But I'm not getting paid nearly as much as I should be.

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