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Stuck on Doom 3

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Can anyone help me. I am trying to kill the big monster at the end of Hell on Doom 3 it throws out the smaller things which give of a bit of light.I have tried shooting them as well but they keep coming back,any suggestions please I thought I was doing well until I came up against this. Thankyou to anyone who could help me.

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Thanks for that I will give it a go and let you know how I get on,It will be nice to play again I have been stuck for about 2 weeks once again thanks for your help.

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He's only vulnerable WHEN he's summoning the Watchers (they are his "eyes" and he is blind without them). If you're good enough w/the BFG, he CAN be taken down before he gets any Watchers summoned ('cause you're killing them as they are popping in - this keeps him in a constant state of summoning and vulnerable). He's summoning when the blue ball of light is above his head. Aim at the blue ball and try to hit it w/full BFG shots. IF he does manage to get the watchers summoned, you have to kill all three off before he will summon more. Same thing, concentrate your fire on the blue ball as he is summoning.

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Scopeless said:

I'm pretty sure u have to kill his lights and then hit him while they're down.

Not quite right. You can not hurt the Guardian directly, only the blue energy portal above him is vulnerable. Aim at the blue light.

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