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It's not often that I link from one "Everything Else" board to a thread on a similar board on another site, but this time I feel it is necessary.


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Haha, I once copied Strongbad and left a prank call on my house's answering machine. It was so awesome that I replayed it over and over. :D

"Prank call!!" :D

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I don't see how anyone was "owned" there. He sent the message to the wrong person by mistake, big fucking whoopdee doo. The third reply indicates the best course of action, the end.

Andrewb, can you elaborate further as to why you think this person was "owned"?

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I was self owned once. A girl spoke to me way too much when I was trying to work so I did a little schizo-paranoid act and ended up rocking in the corner. Needless to say she never talked to me again. A week later my boss told me that Winter was settling in and he wouldn't need me anymore till the Summer, fair enough. Last month I saw an advertisement at my workplace asking for Waiters. I asked my friends who work there why I wasn't contacted, turns out I scared the shit out of everyone working there and couldn't risk me 'breaking' in front of the customers and that's why they never told me I was fired so I couldn't get another job*. That's a shame, I was frequently commended for my good work and dog-like obediance.

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AndrewB said:

Hopefully I'm putting the kiss of death on the catchword.

Keep dreaming.

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