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patch 1.3

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I just installed the patch and now I am getting this error message

"ERROR: Error: file script/ai_player.script, line 167: WEAPON_NETFIRING is not a member of weapon_base"

the game was running just fine until the patch was installed


P4 2.4
1 gig ram
nVidia Gforce4 440
Creative Audigy 2 5.1

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No mods. I just uninstalled and then reinstalled, then installed the patch. Seems to work fine now, just lost all saved games. oh well.

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Had v similar problem after installing patch 1.3!
Doom3 would refuse to load any saved game or start a new one...after loading/starting the game it just returned to the main screen.

The error message(s) in the console mentioned:
1. A list of strings of type #<number> not found ( i am presuming that had to do with my keyboard map though i havent managed to figure out what :()

2. A reference to "WEAPON_NETFIRING" not found in some module ( i forget the name as i have since restored the doom3 dir from backup i make periodically and everything is now working ok :)

My question is: I had doom patch 1.1 installed and recently installed patch 1.3 after which the above errors occurred. Anyone got a clue what the issue was? My gut feeling was it was a tweak/mod/map i have added since installing original, though patch 1.1 worked fine with these changes....

Any idea how to get 1.3 to install properly and function without taking the risk of ANOTHER restore of 5+ odd GBs!!!

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