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The Awakening of Cthulhu

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The awakening of Cthulhu

Space Marines involved with Operation Shattered Star

USSMC Alpha Team

Sergeant Fredrick Hues(Plasmascist)
Sergeant David Olsen(Assault)
Liutenant Lee Balog(Assault)
Corpral Vincent Stromblad(Armaments,Pilot)
Corpral Azel Christoph(Recon)
Private George Tanner(Medic)

USSMC Bravo Team

Sergeant Gill Anders(Demolitions)
Liutenant Brandon Gaines(Assault)
Corpral Trent Attaway(Tech)
Private Arc Redmond(Assault)
Private Jim Williams(Recon)
Private Killian Redmond(Recon)

Part I:The Iron Tomb

"His head sir..."

"Yes Private?"

"it was torn completely off..."Stammered Private Williams

The Gruff looking Sergeant Gill spun around and followed him into the Bridge of the Mythos;a Juggernaut Class Space Cruiser stationed near Pluto.

"Good God,what the fuck happened?"Gill exclaimed as his Cigar fell from his mouth.

there was a man sitting in a desk chair with his head torn off,the way it looked it was rather forcibly removed.

"We have no idea;Alpha Team is still On recon,We should know something within an hour and a half."

The two walked out of the room to meet up with the rest of Bravo Team who was still standing outside in the Waiting room.Corpral Attaway had set down at the nearest desk,looking through the computer for some kind of message or something that explains why the ship had been deserted.

"any luck Attaway?"

"None yet sir,looks like the power had been disabled for a short time so we might not be able to find anything."

"Fuck"Said Gill,Cursing under his breath.taking out another cigar out of his Pocket and lighting it he takes a long drag while walking towards Arc and Killian Redmond;who are staring out the office window at the cargo hold.

Arc turns towards Gill,looking perplexed."Just what was this ship supposed to be used for anyways"

"The hell if i know,all that we were told is that CEO Williamson wants this Freighter Back in one Piece."

The Redmond Brothers look at Gill worryingly

"Makes you wonder whats so important on this ship."Killian Said,Turning back around to look out at the Cargo Hold again.

"No Telling with the UAC.I've seen alot of odd shit come from them,alot of it should have put them out of Commission but even after their fuck up on Mars;They're still around.But they did say it's vital that we bring it back to earth."

Gill then turns around and walks away from the two and towards Lt.Gaines,who was on his 5th cup of coffee.

"Any Word from Alpha team yet?"

"None yet sir...we should know something any time now."Said Gaines,sipping his coffee.

Turning around to face Gill,Gaines Swallows hard"Since this mission started...I've had nothing but bad feelings about it.Somethings not right."

"Shit Gaines,You don't have to explain that to me.We found some guy with his head torn completely off and a Freighter that supposed to house at least 150 to 200 people on it is Completely Deserted.Something ********ly is wrong."

All of a sudden Gill's Com-Link came to Life.

"Sir!"a voice crackled in over the Com-link

"Any News Olsen?"Gill questioned the Sergeant.

"All the passengers are Dead.It was a fucking Bloodbath sir,They were torn to pieces."

"Goddammit."Gill slammed his hand down on the counter.

"Let's get this big fucker moving back in the right direction.Alpha Team,Head back to the Bridge;Stromblad knows how to get this thing started so we'll need him."

"Yes sir,we're on our way."

Gill signals for Bravo Team to Come together for a Briefing.

"Whatever the Hell the UAC had on this ship is loose and it's still out there from what we know,it has also killed everyone On board.Stay frosty men.We might have company."

The team picks up their weapons and start's to check them over.

"Uhh...sir."Gill's com-link sprang back to life.

"What's wrong Olsen?"

"Well...all over the walls...theres,well..."

"What the fuck is on the walls Olsen?!?"

"Symbols,Written in blood.And there's a huge container down here.From what i can tell its full of water but I haven't seen anything that tells what exactly is in there."

"Sgt. Olsen we've Found Something."Christoph's Voice came through,Interrupting Gill and Olsen.

"What is it?"

"A sign on this Big ass tank,It says Cthulhu."said Christoph to Olsen.

"What the fuck is Cthulhu."

Gill,starting to get aggrivated,snaps back"I dunno,Get your fucking team up here.We don't have time to fuck around when theres some kind of "Thing" loose on the ship."

"Yes sir,we'll see you there."

Part II:In the dark

The team Crept through the Bowels of the Mythos,On gaurd for any intruders.

Olsen turns back to face Balog"What's our ETA?"

"We Should be there in 15 to 20 minutes if we don't run into any problems"

From the Darkness a man Limps out,dragging a rather large rifle behind him.

"A Survivor!"Olsen runs towards the man but keeps his gun level.

"Identify yourself!"

The Man looks up at Olsen the Raises the Rifle...which turned out to be a Concussion Rifle.

"PUT THE GUN DOWN!"Olsen Screamed.

The Whole team brings their weapons to bear,aiming at the man.Who then Fires off 2 blasts at the marines,Hitting Christoph in the arm and in the leg.The team then opens fire on the man,tearing him to shred's with their military issued Machine Guns.

"MEDIC!"he screamed as Tanner ran over and Unstrapped his Backpack to pull out the medikits.

"Go check that guy out Stromblad,and grab the C Rifle while your at it"

Stromblad Creeps toward the smoking body of their assailant,keeping his gun aimed at him.Looking him over he see's that he has been dead for a while.

"Tanner,after your done patching Christoph up come over here and look at this."

Tanner walks over to the body and shines his flashlight on it.

"What in the hell?It looks like he's been dead for weeks!What the hell is going on?"

As they inspect the body further it appears he has had sigil's carved all over his body and his teeth had been Filed down to a razor sharp point.

"Jesus,Joseph and Mary."Olsen exclaimed.

"Lets Move people,Something is seriously wrong here and our best bet is to get to the bridge and lock ourselves in there with bravo team."

Olsen waves for Sgt. Hues to approach him.

"Hues,How's that Plasma Rifle?"

"150 cells"Said Hues while looking down at the display on the Rifle

"Bring Up the rear,I'll have Balog watch the front with his Gatlin Gun."

"Good idea."

Hues turns and walks to the back of the team and watches the back as they move through the Maintanence tunnels of the Mythos.Balog keeps his back pack fed Gatlin gun Aimed in front of him.The team was then plunged into complete darkness as the ships power grid groans and dies.

"Shit,time for Night vision guys."Olsen commanded his team.

The team then pulled down their goggles but to their avail it doesnt work

"What the fuck!"

"What is it Tanner?!?" Olsen Turns to look at tanner but keeps his gun pointed in front of him.

"The Night Vision Doesn't Even Work."

"Stay on your gaurd guys."

The Team Gets together And Tries to peer into the darkness to watch out for anything moving

"How are you holding up Christoph?"

"I'm doing fine sir.Just a scratch."

"Get ahold of Bravo Team,Let them know whats going on."Olsen says tapping Stromblad on the arm.

Stromblad attempts to contact Bravo Team but the Com-link was dead.

"Sir...I think the reason the Power Grid is down,The Night Vision not working,The Com-Link Being Dead is cause we must have hit some kind of Magnetic Storm."

"Shit..."Olsen sighed."Everyone Stay Together,We don't know whats out there."

Part III:Raining Blood

"Where the fuck is Alpha Team??They should have been here an hour ago."Questioned Gill,still smoking his cigar.

"They must have hit some kind of trouble when the power grid went out."Replied Attaway.

"Damn,this is a bad time for that to happen,do you know why it did that?"

"I think we hit a Magnetic storm of some sorts,my Laptop isnt working either."

"Then we'll just have to ride it out."

Bravo team stood around in the waiting room,Gaurding the Door and Window.Staying Alert for any sign's of hostiles in the Area.

"How long til this storm passes Attaway?"The Sergeant Asked him with a tone of Nervousness in his voice.

"It all depends sir.It could last a couple of hours to a couple of months."

"Goddammit,We cant leave Olsen and his team out there in this black fucking hell hole for a couple of months,the flashlights on the gun's should still work right?"

"I'm not sure,they might."

Gill checks the flashlight on his Rifle.Amazingly it still works,Piercing the darkness of the ship.

"Thank fucking Jesus,Alright men...lets move out.Gaines and Arc will Watch the middle.Me and Attaway will watch the Front;Williams and Killian,you've got the back"

The men gather together and begin to move out of the Bridge and towards the Cargo Hold.Moving with caution.

"Have we even heard from Alpha Team since the last transmission?"Arc asks his commander quietly

"No we haven't,thats why we're moving out."

"What happens if what got the Crew got them?"

"Well what happens if they're still alive and we just abandon them for those things to get them?"

Arc remains silent

"Exactly,so I suggest shutting your fucking mouth and watching the rear with Lt. Gaines Private."

"Yes sir Sgt. Olsen."

The Team continues to head through the Hold and towards the Main junction of Level 1.

"Where was Alpha team Last Attaway?"

"The Maintanence Tunnels on Level 3."

"The Tunnel that led to that Cthulhu Tank?"

"Yes sir."

The Quietness of The Frieghter didn't hide the beating of the Team's hearts from their hunters,they heard it loud and clear while stalking them from the Shadows of the Ship.

"Shhh!"Gill Signaled all of his team to stop.

The team scanned the Junction for anything that might be a Hostile,but saw nothing.

"Alright guys,I have that basic marine feeling of an Ambush;Cramped quarters,Almost no light..."

All of a sudden Something Snatches Killian Up by the Shoulder and lifts him screaming Into the pipes above the team.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?!"Screamed Gill and the rest of the team while looking up in the direction of Whatever Snatched Killian,His legs still dangling,Screaming in god awful pain,as blood splattered all over the Floor and the team.


The Team opened fire into the Pipes of the Ship,showering sparks and steam all around them.All of a Sudden Killians body dropped to the ground,His whole upper body torn from him.

"NO YOU MOTHER FUCKER!"Arc screamed as he continued firing into the Pipes at the Monster,Causeing it to fall to the ground twitching in a Bloody heap of flesh.Followed by the Other half of Killian,who was still concious.Arc ran to his side and removed his brothers helmet and his own.

"No goddammit killian,stay with us man.We're gonna go get Tanner and he'll fix you up man,DONT YOU FUCKING DIE!"He said to his dying brother while cradling him in his arms.

Killian puts his hand on his brothers shoulder

"Don't worry about me bro,It was great you know...moving in and shit when i got out of dad's house.Getting me Drunk for the first time haha"Killian laughed while Coughing up blood."Just fucking Promise me you'll get the hell out of here alive."

"I promise,just don't die man,please stay with us."Arc grabbed his brothers hand to get a response."Killian,Killian!"Wake the Fuck up!"

But it was to no avail,Killian grip loosened and his hand fell to the floor.

"Come on Arc,we probably Attracted more of those fuckers in this direction."

Arc Reached for his Brothers helmet and put it back on his head.Then stood up.

"Rest easy,I'll get these motherfuckers for you."He said while bending over to grab his brothers shotgun and his own helmet.

"Move out Men."Gill ordered.Sounding like someone had just slammed a Sledgehammer into his chest.

A Certain cloud of Brooding sadness had descended upon the Bravo team after seeing their Freind torn in half.What was more unnerving was what Arc shot to death.

"What the hell was that Sarge?"Attaway Asked Gill Worryingly.

"I have no fucking clue,Just watch the Pipes too.Don't wanna end up like Killian."

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