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Dr. Zin

Memento Mori 2 Music

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Does anyone know whether it would be acceptable to use Memento Mori 2 music in a wad? The text file doesn't provide any indication.

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From MM2.TXT:

(c) 1996, Mark A. Klem and David P. Shaw

All entries (songs) in the MM2 Music PWAD are original compositions
and are not to be reproduced (extracted) in any way without the
consent of the two persons named above.

It also states who made each piece of music.

David Shaw is also known as Tolwyn, and has been active in the community recently under that name. He also appears to be in intermittent contact with Mark Klem.

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All the Doom project music made by Tolwyn can be found on his website, here at Doomworld, and is intended for anyone to use in their wads (with the exception of the music he made for Team TNT).


Of course there are tons of maps I have seen (including some of mine) that have used music from TeamTNT projects (mainly Evilution and Plutonia).

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