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Scythe2 Demos

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Been quite some time since I've done a Scythe 2 demo, but I had the time to do one today. It's a UV-fast for map32 with a time of 3:31. Could be faster, but this map was NOT friendly at all to me, so I just took whatever I could get for an exit.

Will send off to Ops now.

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I did two demos this evening:

Map01 NM Speed in 0:32
Map03 NM100S in 1:16

Both are crappy and easy to improve, but what do you expect after another month w/o playing Doom ;)

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_Alvis_ said:
Managed to get a (very ugly) :28 NM Speed on map01:

Good run, actually. Keep 'em coming!

There's a COMPET-N player (who hasn't been around lately) whose last name is "Alvis", but I see it's not you, as it's your nickname instead.

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Finally managed to get my time down to :25, which only took me about 800 times. I think I've learned my lesson in trying too soon to make nightmare runs, as this one truly was, indeed, a nightmare. :P

I've had it sent to Ops, hosted on a Rapidshare link (my sincerest apologies), and attached to this post, as my normal repository for these things, relentlessbeating.com, is down for the next day or two.


Also, yeah, I'm sorry about the nickname; I had it on Skulltag for months before I was told about Casey. If need be, I'll think of something to change it to.

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Alvis said:
If need be, I'll think of something to change it to.

Nah, it's okay.

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Grazza said:

No attachment found.

For information on how to attach files, see this post.

I actually did read that, but it appears I still managed to screw it up. I'll try again. It should be attached to this post, though I'd hate to clutter the thread with two failed attempts.

Edit: And there it is. It went bye-bye when I previewed it the first time 'round. Sorry about that.

Edit Part Deux: I knew it worked and that you had to approve them and everything. I just messed up the first time. Thanks for putting it up.


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OK, approved. I understand that it is a bit confusing that you don't see your own attachment immediately after attaching it, but the system does work!

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