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Duke3D E2L11

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If you have played Duke3D you might know of the second secret level in episode 2, level 11, called "Lunatic Fringe".

An interesting design technique was used in this level. It is shaped like a circular path surrounding a building. What's interesting that it's actually two overlapping circles. From your starting point if you do a 360 degrees walk you end up in a completely different spot, and only of you do another 360 degrees you return to the starting spot.

This isn't a silent teleporter that moves you to a different area of the map (like with underwater sections). You just move smoothly between the overlapping (or whatever) sectors.

Does someone know how it is done?

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Duke3D supports sectors (dunno if it's really called that in Duke3D) over each other, as long as they are not in view at the same time.

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