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missing textures???

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when i make a level in DOOM Builder, then want to try it out. it goes into Doom Legacy, because thats what i have picked for testing, and it loads, then goes out of it, and a window pops up named "Doom Legacy Error" saying:

"W_GetNumForName: MAP00 Not Found!

and it cant find the textures for my walls ether. last night it found the wall textures from StarDoom and now it dosnt. i did move all my WAD files from my ZDaemon folder and put them in my Doom Legacy folder, but i didnt think that would change anything. a little help please!!!!

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When you started your map, what did you type in the map name box? The "MAP00 not found" error may be referring to the fact that you chose an impossible map name that Legacy does not recognize (keep in mind it only works with MAP01-MAP32).

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