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Playtesting Wanted

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I finished a standalone map finally. Just something to break my bad habit of never finishing things. I'd like a few people to go through it and tell me what they think, what could be better, what should stay. etc. It'd be appreciated. Once it's been tested out a bit i'll upload it to newstuff for this week. (yay)

Game: Ultimate Doom, any limitless port.
Map: e1m1


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Pretty damn good. Nice e1 feel.
Didnt go comepletly through it but my suggestion would be to make the blue key imp closet trigger AFTER you grab the key.
Triggering it while the player enters the room is kinda premature.

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Szymanski said:

Limitless port? runs fine in doom even with the invalid thing.

I'll be sure to change that in the txt file, and take out the 3d mode object too :P

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