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Trying to find a "Venice" style level I once played

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I'm looking for a wad I played ages ago - the best way of describing it is that it was kind of like Venice - it was a brick style city level with lots of canals, warehouses filled with crates, and lots of fucking imps. At least, I think there were imps. It may have been part of a megawad. Not really sure - it was definitely in the days before sourceports. If anyone has an inkling of where I might find this level, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Can you provide any more info about it? Even something silly or vague might help pin it down.

My immediate thought was STRAIN map03, but on inspection I found it had relatively little water.

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Are you talking about the wad "Bleeding Tower of Piza"? Because I think what you're describing in this case is dealing with Italy. The only wad I know which has that theme is the Bleeding Tower of Piza." I hope that's what you're thinking of.


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