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Another retail doom question....

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I think there may be an IPX protocol emulator out there, but I doubt it.

If you're really bent on playing an untampered game of Doom, I suggest you find yourself an old 486 and install DOS 6 on it. Getting Vanilla Doom playing on XP is a lost cause. In fact, you should be able to find machines in bulk, considering how old they are. Find a couple Pentium 120's and go network your ass off.

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I've got an AMD K6-2 400 set up as a DOS machine to play vanilla Doom and the original Need for Speed. R00lz! Even has Win3.11 and gets online with IE 5. :)

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You can have Windows 95 in MS-DOS mode. The only thing I'd worry about is the hardware (video card, etc.) because some of the old games I have just plain don't work on newer hardware-- 11th Hour, Phantasmagoria, whathaveyou... Maybe a Cyrix 686 system will work. And they probably put them in packs of baseball cards by now.

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