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can someone help me with my edge project?

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ive been just throwin together a little project using edge, i dont really plan 2 release it unless its good enough,and because its made up from edited hexen and heretic levels.
what i needed help on was the annoying veiw bob, when it reaches its peak on the far left and i swing one of the warriors weapons such as the axe, its cut off were the end of the graphic is. i was wonderin if i can set the weapons to have no view bob?
also i was wondering if this can be done with edge: i want to create glowing eyes in edge and i was wonderin if it can be done. i had an idea but im not sure if it can be done...re-color all the eyes green, then with the skin color change, could i change the green to whatever color i'd ike then turn up the brightness? would it be done something like this?
this is the best i could explain it, but if it needs more explenation i guess i could explain what i mean(i dont even think im making sense now)
any help would be much appreciated

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EDGE 1.27 and earlier had too large player bobbing. This has been fixed in EDGE 1.28 and later versions.

You can change how much the player bobs by adding the following command into the [OUR_HERO] entry in THINGS.DDF:


You can control how much a particular weapon bobs (up and down) or sways (left and right) using the following commands in WEAPONS.DDF:


There is no good method to make a sprite with glowing eyes (or whatever), since in dark areas the whole sprite is always darkened (even when the colours are remapped).

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thanks for the help ajapted, the bobbing option fixed my problem. about the glowing eyes, I cant set the brightness of a remapped color? oh well if it doesnt work i guess i can settle with what i have. thanks anyways

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I've filed a feature request for Fullbright states at the Sourceforge page. Hopefully this will be implemented so not only can we have monsters with glowing eyes, but also plasma guns with exposed cores that glow in the dark.

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