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Corrupted Marine

could someone color this for me?

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i rock at making doom guns, and coloring and shading. however, i drew this picture on paper, and scanned it through the computer. i was going to color it myself, but when i tried, i could never get it looking good, it just looked like crap. it is going to go on my title screen for my project. The Seeds of Corruption.

is there anyone interested in coloring this for me. i mean, it must have the proper shading etc. and it must fit the doom color pallette. i dont want any suprises when i put it in the wad. but i need someone to color it and make it look like a comic book style.


you would of cource receive credit for coloring it.

oh and one more thing. the title screen size is like 320x200 if im not mistaken.

the final copy you send back to me should be 320x200, colored, and fit the doom color pallette.

if someone could color this. it would be greatly appreciated. and you would receive full credit for the title screen graphics.

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Oh damn, I forgot it was supposed to be comic book styled so I think my entry'll be rejected. Here it is for viewing pleasure then.

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