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Death Tormention 3 Progress

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Death Tormention 3 is a sequel to my Ultimate Doom Episodes: Death Tormention (1999) and Death Trmention 2 (2000). DT3 packs even more harder challenges and the detail and architecture overwelms the original two episodes. The episode begins in the traditional marble styling before merging into a more Doom2 bricks (bstone, brick10, slime13, ecT) metal theme. No new music is planned this time round. Most of the music will be taken from other releases by me. Planned release date is still unknown, pehaps later in the year. A Boom compatible source port will be required to play this wad, Zdoom, MBF, (Legacy?) and Boom.

Completed Levels

E4M1 - The Unholy Aquaduct (Kristian Aro)
E4M2 - Roelfenstine (Paul Corfiatis)
E4M3 - Valley of Echoes (Kristian)
E4M7 - Carmen's Lair (Paul)
E4M9 - Edge of the World (Paul)

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Cool, I'm looking forward to this. Anything by you is guaranteed to be very good. :)

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Yeah. Its looking pretty good at this moment. But I'm in no hurry to get this wad out.

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