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Doom1 Textures in Doom2

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Can't seem to remember what the filename is so I'm having a bit of trouble finding it in the archives. Links?

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Um, you wouldn't be able to find something like that on the archives.

Since I suppose you're too lazy to open up Doom.wad and extract the Doom 1 textures yourself, try this.

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Dunno if they are any different or not, but I also put one together some time ago. You can find it here:


5th from the bottom of the page.

My one makes all the Doom1 switches appear as they should. A lot of the switch names from Doom1 were duplicated in Doom2, but they all looked the same as each other in Doom2, and not like their original appearance either. My one fixes that, but I know that at least one other WAD that is available doesn't. AgentSpork's one may or may not do that - I haven't checked.

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