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Ryath (aka scwiba)

Stuck in AV

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Okay, so I just finished playing all the way through Alien Vendetta, and it was a great WAD. I thought the quality declined a bit toward the end, but that's not what I'm posting about.

There were two instances in AV when I got stuck. I spent about half an hour trying to figure these parts out, then looked in a WAD editor, and when I still couldn't get past, finally noclipped my way out of them. What I want to know is if I am a complete idiot or if these levels are buggy. (I was playing in ZDoom, if that matters.)

The first problem I ran into was on map07. After killing everything and hitting the switches, I proceeded through the door at the south end only to find an impassable raised sector.

After this, on map24, once I had found the red key, it seemed impossible to get back to the red door. Looking at a level editor, it appears that you need the blue key in order to get back to the red door, but the blue key is behind that door. I'm assuming I'm missing something.

Anyway, it obviously isn't vital that I figure these parts out, but I'm curious and if anyone could explain them to me it would be appreciated.


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07... Refresh my memory, that is the Beast Island level right?

The exit door should be behind one of those skull-walls accessible from the courtyard of the fortress.

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As for Map24, you know the room full of crates, with the open crate that contains a berserk? Go there, and(if you come in from the outside room full of nukage) turn left, where you should see two windows.

If you look at the left window, you'll see a long crate in front of the right side of the window. Look behind the long crate, and you'll see two crates, one small and one medium, that you can use as a mini-staircase to walk on and through the window.

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