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Feature request: Curves

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What I would like to see is option to curve planes. At the moment I can only slope, and I would like to be able to curve at the push of a button. This would be great for creating arches, tunnels etc.

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It *is* possible to make nice looking "curves" but reiterating slopes in the right places, but though it is time consuming doing it manually, I cannot see it being an automatic thing any time soon. Way too many variables in question.

So do what I do: live with it.

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You can use the curve linedef function to simplify the process of making curved arches manually. Simply create a line with the desired length of arch. Select it, press 'c' to launch the curve linedef dialog, adjust the angle and distance until it matches the curve shape you want (the automatic circle checkbox is useful in this regard) and then apply it. Now you have the curved linedef, imagine it is the view of the desired curve from front on, instead of overhead. Each new vertex is a sector split, and the height of each sector is the distance of the vertex from the original line path (this is a little hard to explain without a diagram). You can use the relative positions of these vertices to determine the appropriate height and widths of the sloping sectors. If you get everything right, when you apply slope specials to the inner lines of the curve sectors, it should look perfect.

Making this process automatic doesn't seem to be a far stretch. I may give it ago myself at some point, but I need to get familiar with VB first.

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