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Custom levels question

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I built a custom level in doom builder. It runs in Skulltag but i don't like skulltag too much due to its custom weapons and wall markings etc. Anyway, i try to load my wad in doom95 ovcourse it doesnt work. What source port (zdoom, etc.) can i use to play LAN games on my network using my wad, and that doesn't effect the games weapons (weapon mods) or the graphics (like when you shoot a wall, a hole appears, etc...) Please reply ASAP, as i'm having friends over for a kick ass doom arena!

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I believe you meant to say "kick ass" instead of "kiss ass".

Skulltag, along with just about any other port, has numerous compatbility options to retain the old Doom gameplay. Take a good long look through the options screens and turn off things like jumping, BFG aiming, rocket trails, and everything else you wouldn't see in the original.

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HAHAH kiss ass! Yea, i ment kick ass, i've edited it out now. Anyhoo, i'll look around. But tell me, does skulltag support LAN gaming over my network?

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Numbermind said:

Of course it does. But for the life of me, I can't find a shred of documentation on it.

See if you can sort it out: http://www.skulltag.com/stmanual/

Maybe I should actually write some docs for it :P

All you have to do is load up a server on a computer on the network, with skulltag -host. Then, on another computer (or the same computer, doesn't matter) on the network, load up Skulltag normally, go to Multiplayer->Browse Servers, and then just browse local servers, instead of Internet servers. The server ought to appear on the list. Then, just select it and join!

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