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Newbe at makeing mods for Doom 3

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Hi I'm making a mod for Doom 3. i"m adding stuff from difforent mods like ungibbebul mod,and this uther mod that changs the clip size for the weapons and the rate of fire (CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT THE MOD WAS CALLED) SO i'm just wondering if someone could take my mod and add some more stuff to it like flashlights on all the weapons in Doom 3 and in the mission pack for Doom 3 too

so anywhy heres my E-mail if someone could do this for me


(please help me)

send me an e-mail saying that you'll do this
and then i'll send you my mod
onch you done with it send it back to me
and i'll menchon that you worked on it
"I'm not the type of person how will take credit for something that was added to the mod that i didn't add"

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Three things, first, you are posting in the wrong forum (this is editing, not mods), second, this isn't a request board. I really recomend you try to attempt this yourself and get the experience of making a mod, and three, don't be stealing other works from other mods (UNLESS this is just a personal mod)..

Like I said, try to make it yourself, learn what makes Doom3 tick and try to merge the mods and add the other features yourself. If you got questions about a certain And since your are merging other mods, don't release it and just keep it for personal use.

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Well anywhy I got this ungibbubul mod from a site (can't rememmber which one) all I did was rase the brunaway time to "9999" and yes i'am making it for personal use but I'm just wondering how to add flashlights to all the weapons in Doom 3 and aspeshaly the Doom 3 mission pack (super shotgun) but i don't know where to put the line of code so all the weapons have flashlights inclooding the super shotgun

so can you help me on that

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