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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.8

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DOOM:Hey guys,meet Turok.

Turok:I kill dinosaurs and shit!I used to have a comic book!
(I accualy own one of these comics!)

Duke:So?Me,DOOM and Caleb have one too on thisstrife.com!

Turok:Did you ever kill a dinosaur?

Duke:In my new game (a hunting game I saw that starred Duke)!


Caleb:Whos this?Oh its Turok!


Caleb:Fuck you turok!*Caleb kicks Turok in the balls and runs like a mofo*

Caleb:If I leave the building bigbadgangsta wont be able to kill me!
*Cacodemon Leader steps around the corner holding a Super Shotgun in his arms.He shoots Caleb knocking his head right off his shoulders*

Cacodemon Leader:But I can kill ya!

DOOM:Great shot!

Cacodemon Leader:It was nothin'.
*Cacodemon Leader leaves*

Duke:Thats was interesting...

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