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Feature idea: user defined texture categories

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Often textures can be split into fairly definable categories. For example, bricks, panels, computers, trims, doors, etc. What if Doom Builder provided a way to specify category metadata via, say an .xml file. If you can imagine it would look vaugely like this:

<category title="all">
 <category title="gothic">
  <category title="doors">
  </category title="brick walls">
These .xml files could then be associated with texture wads and used to build a category tree. The cat tree could then be displayed at the side of the texture selector, allowing the user to quickly select different categories, the contents of which would then be displayed in the main texture select panel.

The nested categories could work so a parent category inherits all the textures contained within its children. So selecting the all/gothic/doors category would display just the door textures, whereas selecting the /all/gothic category would display the door and brick wall textures, and selecting the all category would display everything, including any textures that weren't assigned anywhere else (or perhaps you could have a default "unassigned" category for this).

Once made these .xml files could be freely distributed either with the texture wads they described or separately.

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