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Can I get some help in Spear of Destiny?

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Hrm ok not a Doom based game, so if I need to post this somewhere else, someone link me :).

I'm stuck on level 12 (well ok not technically stuck as I can warp to level 13 via cheat codes but anyway :).

I have the silver key and used it on all the key doors. Actually the key doors are both light silver AND dark silver (or um just a dark color, i dunno if dark silver is actually a color). I've never encountered a level where one key works on BOTH differently colored key doors so I'm assuming whoever made this map wants to really screw with your head heh.

The only key door that I can't get open is near the beginning of the level. The door is positioned between two gray colored blocks, or walls. I've looked EVERYWHERE in this level for the gold color key, as I assume that is the key that will open the door. Since I couldn't find that key after looking all over the level I thought maybe the key was hidden in the secret. But I've spaced on at least 95% of the walls in that level for all secrets and none of them have given me the gold key. So what do I do?!

Also I found the 1st secret level floor 19 and got stuck on that level but I digress...

Thanks for any help you guys may have

P.S. I warped to the last level where Angel of Death boss is...I took one look at the hellfire in that blood colored level and went HOLY F!!!...it was almost better than any hellish looking Doom level I've seen :)

P.P.S. I noticed that the level music in Floor 21 is the same music used in Doom2 Level 31. I think I like the SoD version better. VERY cool music heh. Too bad I haven't seen a PWAD that uses that as a Level music yet...

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Thanks for the link to the forum, but I tried registering and it told me that my n00body@yahoo.com address is a third party email address and has been banned. Are there any other wolf3d forums out there to use??

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