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Yet another map release

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Well, at least you stuck it in the right folder. Actually MIDI music was nice, and for a single map wad I'm surprised you did a TITLEPIC. But the gameplay left things to be desired. Enemy placement was erratic, I never knew what I'd face next. The fights were also way too simple, and while I never knew what enemy, enemy placement was predictable, for the most part. The architecture, while very Doom II had no definite theme, better texture choice would have helped. The lack of weapons was sad, also, one could tell that the player was meant to use the shotgun until the near end (when you got the rocket launcher for that big fight)because there was so much damn ammo for it everywhere. One of the maps highpoints however is its use of ZDoom and the Hexen Map Format, which for a single level was used fairly well. Overall I'd give it 2/5 stripes, because what it had in features (music, ZDoom map, and the like) it seriously lacked in gameplay.

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Now for an opinion from someone who's less picky!

I thought the map was pretty good. Overall pretty fun to play, and while the detail wasn't OMFGMILLIONSECTORSWOW, it was sufficient. While the texturing may seem to have a bit too much variation, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that it's like that for a reason. The only thing that I would change in that area is maybe the texture you used for the psuedo-3D bridges, which looks a bit odd.

Some of the traps were pretty cool, like the room with the arch-viles, and the moving computer panels, which makes it more challenging than there just being an arch-vile in a room with lots of pillars all over the place. That one trap with arch-viles and the pain elementals everywhere kinda freaked me out at first. :P

It's pretty good. I liked it.

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