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in-game movies/cutscenes..?

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Just playing around with an idea here...

I love to be able to do in-game 'movies'. Not by actually playing back a recorded movie, but by in-game demo playback. Eg, you could make a special demo level and record a small demo on that level; then playback that demo when the player has reached some point in some other (real) level. Scripting in the demo level can provide text or additional voiceovers.

Another possibility is to take over control from the player, and let scripting play out a scene before returning control back.

Stuff like this would really help to convey a storyline to the player. A developer's point of view on this?

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Interesting...wouldn't this make cutscenes skippable (if player ended the demo early)? Sounds cool. I use EDGE tho and therefore I am of no help to you. Good luck!

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