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Saw some weird stuff in KS201536...

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I watched an early run of Map 20 of Kama Sutra KS201536 (you can find it in the demos forum under the title Kama Sutra.... I 2 WEIRD things. 1. Early in the level it LOOKS like two barrels teleport and then explode. I didn't know you could make barrels teleport! ...Either that or its an optical illusion and something else happened :)

The other thing is that near the end of the level where there's a Cyberdemon and a Spiderdemon next to each other on a cliff a ways from the player...the cybie teleportsto the cliff where the player is, the guy starts bfg'ing him, and when the cybie dies he gets pushed...no more like THROWN onto the other cliff 50 feet away! Now I've seen some monsters get thrown pretty far back from a BFG blast but this was INSANE! The cybie got thrown back in a straight line like there was no gravity involved at all. He just levitated in a straight line all the way to the other cliff where the spiderdemon was!

Heh, the more demos I watch, the glitcher and cooler the doom2 1.9 exe becomes :)

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The barrels exploit and teleport in one time, it's caused that the player walk over a trigger which actives ceiling which crushes barrels, which causes crushing a barrel standing nearby. It moves a bit while crushing and teleport out. For better explanation open the editor.

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