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My final senior project (NON DOOM RELATED)

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I finally got it back, so here it is. Basically, I had to draw a cartoon realistically, that is, I had to apply real lighting and shadows. Also, I had to use some kind of color scheme. I had chosen the analogous color scheme. Oh and the final product had to be done with acrylic paints.

Unforunately, it has nothing to do with Lizardcommando or anything related to that. I drew Sherman from Sherman's Lagoon. Here's the concept sketch and original comic panel.


I just laid out where the lighting was coming from.

Here's the pencil sketch I did. Personally, I thought this came out a lot better than the actual final. Notice that there are stuff added in to the picture which are not in the original.


Now here's the final. The coloring looks like shit though. I have trouble with paints, so it's going to look sloppy. I did ok with the light shades, but the dark shades were a pain in the ass.


I think overall, I got an A on the entire project, I'm not too sure. I got an A on the sketch.

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Well... Gaming mostly. Doom just sorta lost the best of its flavor for a while mostly because everything I wanted to impliment in my mods was just too much... May as well have got into 3d modeling and made a half life mod. I have been thinking of revising my mod though... toning it down quite a bit and making something that plays nice. I can't get my new art on DeviantArt because their site doesn't appreciate my IP setup--I guess they think I'm a 1337 h4x0r or something. :(
But... I did get Dreamweaver at LOOOOOONG last so I should probably have an updated website within a months time. :D

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