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My First Wad!!!

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Yay i just got my first wad accepted!!!

i believe its a bit better then most first wads. Its no over sized,way too much ammo.HOM wads. Its acctually an atempt at something fun.

Its called The Infected Tower lvl.1 but the file is called Inftower-1.zip

Inftower-2.zip is in the making

any comments would be appreciated.

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First off, half of the linedefs are [b]facing the wrong way[b]. This is why enemies can shoot through walls. I don't understand how you managed this; Doom Builder draws them the right way whether you draw a sector clockwise or anti-clockwise. This is a serious issue and I suggest you learn how to avoid it.

Also, the texturing is dull. There are rooms and rooms with the same wall and ceiling textures, and it gets a bit repetitive. It's also pretty basic but it's your first map so I'll forgive you for that.

And it's pretty damn easy. Too easy if you ask me. I'm no great Doom Player but I found it a walk in the park, I suggest next time make it a bit more difficult, more difficult enemies and more traps.

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It's not bad for a first map. Tons of the same textures, and the monsters were easy for the most part. The placement of chaingunners was REALLY ANNOYING, and no that's not a good thing. Throwing them everywhere in wide-open spaces is a bad idea.

And the health/ammo balance is way off, tons lying everywhere. You would have to double the monster count to use up all that ammo :P

Keep at it though, you have potential.

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well i have a new map coming out and ill try to fix the problems. except that for my new map the texures are going to be repetative because its a sewer themed level but i think its better than this one

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Not a bad WAD, in my opinion. Although the 'shooting through walls bug' was annoying, this map was pretty fun.
I noticed that a couple of Spectres were stuck in walls. You should watch out for this when designing levels. Try moving them further away from walls, or make the room bigger. Make sure that the enemy's box isn't intersecting walls (the box is what you see when you hover your mouse pointer over them).
Not bad and looking forward to the next map. :)

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