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zdoom ambient sound looping

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this mod i'm working on is pretty massive and uses a ton of ambient sounds. to try to save some space, i converted the sounds to mp3. this works alot better because i can specify the quality of the sounds and use stereo sounds as well.

i've run into a problem, however. when using POINT CONTINUOUS in the sndinfo entry, zdoom will pause for about half a second before continuing to loop the sound. anyone have any idea why this could be happening?

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Have you got a half-second of silence on the start/end of the sound?

(I don't use mp3's but I do use oggs, which are compressed sounds like mp3's are. Some sounds don't sound right when looped and require converting to .flac format, but half a second is too long for that to be the case)

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edit: shit, you were right. i went back and double checked, and found out that when i encode my mp3's, it puts some silence at the beginning of the file... now i have an entirely new and different problem. great.

oh, does zdoom support oggs?

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