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Doom Armory Returns

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Once again we've returned from the Great Beyond, with a fresh new design courtesy of OSWD, and all the content of the old site.

I'll begin adding more content later - I'm just happy to have the site running again without problems. It'll be a lot easier to keep things running this time around, hopefully.

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Well crap - the moment I bring the site back, Box43 goes down. Thanks, Apage43! Thanks a lot!

...Time to inquire again about Doomworld hosting.

EDIT: Nevermind. Guess it was just a reboot, but it came at a rather crucial moment.

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Weren't you supposed to review the new version of ICD-Lizard?

Oh and good job with the update. :)

Are you going to have screenshots for the weapon mod reviews?

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As much as I'd love to have screenshots added back in, they take far too much space. Even if I were to use Imageshack or some variant therein, it would be really tedious to get all the stuff back.

And about your review: exactly how much is different about the new version, so I can change the review accordingly?

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I got rid of a few weapons, I moved the P90 to slot 7 to make slot 4 less crowded. Also, most enemies randomly spawn as do most guns. It's kinda like how in ICD-SE, some enemies can randomly spawn.

If you download it again and read the readme's you'll see what's new. :p

And btw, I uploaded the newest version of ICD-Lizard and Lizardwar onto the ftp sites.

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