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D3: Phobos, new screenshots.

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We once again after way too much silence came out and released a small batch of screenshots. The maps featured are E1m1 (again), E1m2 (a first), E1m4 and E1m6.

Anyway: Now scurry off to our site to behold the screenshots and up the postcount on our forums.



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Me like. Still Doom 3 in feel but with a sleeker look, as though the Mars base was the original UAC establishment (hence the slightly newer parts but a lot of shitty, out of date bits like the Underground) and Phobos is the sleek, shiny new little brother.

So when do I get to start beta testing? (hint, hint)

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Lookin good guys. Just one question:
How come the RTC page has nowhere near the polish as phobos? :prod prod:
I know you got material thats not on the site, and a RTC wallpaper would be well appreciated :P

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That's because, I didn't make the RTC page nor any of it's content. ;)

Seriously though, the reason they are different is because Boris made the RTC page, and Shaviro is the maintainer of it. While I made the Phobos page and I am the maintainer of it. Shaviro isn't a graphics guy, so.

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kristus said:

Well, I'll remember you said that when we get that far. ;)

Good :)

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