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Decorate Problems

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I'm having a problem with decorate lumps, doombuilder loads them, but like usual, but when i look at the things it says unknown(xxxx) or something like that...

I use doombuilder .67 at a computer with 1024 ram 256 grafics 3.2 ghz 400 GB hardrive.

What could be the problem?

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There is a text file that comes with version 2.0.63a named thingdef_doc which has a lot of info about DECORATE in it. Unfortunately, it is rather dated, and outside of ZDoom.org, which is down, I can't think of any other sources that have been updated very recently.

*EDIT* Actually, go ahead and look on ZDoom.org now, since it's back up.

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well, i know theres nothing wrong with decorate, i can load it in .66, but the error is that doombuilder wont load the second wad i've selected

I might go back to .66 after all

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