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Having trouble with sound and music in Boom 2.02

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I have boom 2.02 and used asetup.exe and autodetected my soundcard settings. It said autodetect was successful but in the game only the sound plays (no music) and the sound effects have a lot of static in them. Also the sound fx is distorted and such. If it matters i'm using windows 95 osr1 (yes i know i should get a new comptuer but i can't for reasons I don't want to go into...).

I just have a regular soundblaster (probably sound blaster 2.0), nothing special or strange.

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robindegen said:

isnt windows 95 osr 1 16-bit? Becuase i think it has the FAT16 file system to. So that wont work then.

No. All Win95 versions are 32 bit. Even though the old ones still had that crappy file system. Guess how much I do not miss it! ;)

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Darkman 4 said:

Why not try prBoom? It's basically the same thing as Boom, but it's native to Windows.

That's true if you mean the original Prboom 2.02 (page), which was a direct Windows port of Boom 2.02 (with support for higher resolutions).

Later versions of Prboom (following the merger with LxDoom) are very different, though can be made to emulate Boom quite successfully.

That said, it ought to be possible to get Boom to work on a Windows 95 system. Try not letting it autodetect, and experiment with some of the other options.

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