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WADAUTHOR Editor "news"....

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I got a note today from Phileo (John Williston of Williston Consulting). The news ain't too good, but not all bad either.

As you all know he's the professional coder who built the kickbutt, super-easy-to-use "WadAuthor Editor" about 6 years ago. (That's right, it came out when DOOM2 was top gun).

And, as you all know last Spring he said he would be "updating" W/A editor, with the new "bells n'whistles" you guys here in Doomworld Editing Forum had requested.

But his Consulting business got so swamped with work that W/A has been on back-burner for months. It looks like he won't be able to add all the new things he planned.

We can't blame the guy he's a good dude, but has to earn a living and WadAuthor brings him peanuts for money. So when he had to cut workload, W/A was naturally first to get axe.
Here's most of what he said today......

"I have been so busy of late that I have done nothing with WadAuthor."
"I'm going to scale back my plans (on new WadAuthor) and finish the lump editing stuff I began."
"And add an installation routine, which it's been lacking since day one."
"And release it"(WadAuthor).
"I just don't have the time to do much else at present, I'm afraid :/ "
John W.
Williston Consulting

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Thanks for the update, Bragg. It's good to know that John's business is keeping him busy, which is more than many people in this economy can say. Too bad that he won't be able to implement the things he'd planned. C'est la vie.

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Rex it's good though, in one sense: we'll get a new Wadauthor from him, and that may be just the push he needs that will get him to do even more afterwards.
Because I think he'll get good response from the guys here from the scaled down version he's planning to release pretty soon. And that good response will prolly encourage him to do more.
I want to have 2 editors, myself: Wauthor and Deepsea.
Anyway, let's keep hoping, right?

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