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Thing Hate

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Now the idea being that I wnat a bunch of imps to attack and kill a hell knight in the center fo the room on a platform. I set :

Imps action thing hate, tag 0, hater 1, hatee 2, flag 2
Knight action thing hate, tag 0, hater 2, hatee 1, flag 2

Tried changing flags and/or setting tags to match appropriate hatee values but nothing happens; they don't fight eachother, and all attack player when you enter the room. What am I doing wrong?

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That doesn't use thing hate. Thing hate came with scripting. If you need an example of thing hate, try the ZDoom guide, or I can paste some from my own ACS compiler.

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Yea the cyberdemon-spiderdemon fight only happens if you get them to hit eachother. You have to declare thing_hate(hater, hatee, type) in a script before it works. In DB just edit the behavior lump like so:

script 1 OPEN

Thing id 2 hates thing id 1 and they fight eachother until one or both are all dead. The 6 is so that they fight continuously from start without being seen by the player. Took me QUITE a bit of searching to find a good simple usage to draw from. So if you just wanna mess around and have a few monsters fight eachother, just stick this cript in your level, and add thing id's accordingly. Makes for fun watching ;)

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