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"in-Game" editing?

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Okay I only have the demo but have played around a bit with editing within the game. I figured out how to move characters around, place lights, and some other misc. things, but it seems to me like you should be able to do alot more in-game. (using g_editEntityMode, g_dragEntiry, etc...) I would be okay if all there really is control over is the tweaking of lighting positioning, but I've yet to spend time trying to figure it out.

I've seen some tutorials about making levels and importing models and whatnot, that's fine and dandy, but isn't there whole whole lots of usefull in-game real-time editing that somebody has managed to touch apon and document? Can someone point me in the right direction?

Also, it's probably been mentioned somewhere, but is there a real-world conversion that can be made eg. 1 inch = 1 game-world unit?

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You mentioned half of whats availible, Doom3 does feature many in game editing, must of it requires you to modify a file then use a simple command to reload the data while the game is still running.

Also you can edit and add sounds while the game is running, and spawn new entities.

Another good source of information can be found here

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