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Agamemnon XVI

Hard monsters

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As a coop player I long for a chalenge,but latley the us of respawn and infinite ammo monsters seem more like harasment and the enviroment seemed more dangerous (i love hexen traps).So I would like to request (because I dont have the brain compacity) monters devsttatingly deadly kilin player in the dozen ( or fives) Like a monster with a bfg.Or a monster that had good meleee.Or fighting satan.

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I would like to see you beat HR2 on ultra violent, even with four peeps, its one hell of a challenge...
Also, wait till my Necroshine666 if finished, it will give you a challenge alright... >:P If you want to check it out go to doomworld.com/teamvpo/

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There is a weapon wad which the cyberdemon has a bfg shot. It's the dgn_wpn.wad (comes with .deh file). If you want a challenge fast, use this wad and go to level 20. Prepare to fight that bfg cyberdemon baby!!!!!!


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