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Help with adding some hands onto some scuba steve guns.

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1: I would ask on the gun threads on the wads n' mods area for help, but those are about new weapons for doom, not replacing black doomguy gloves with the original tan doomguy hands.

2: Can't ask scuba to do it because I already asked him to add a hand to a gun before, and now I have no more wishes to ask. :(

3: I would do it myself, but I have tried, and so far, very very bad results.

4: Just want some general help replacing these black glove doomguy hands with the normal tan glove doomguy hands. The scuba steve guns are...

This deagle.

This DL-44 Heavy Blaster.

Tec 9.

Mossburg Shotgun.

Scuba, hope you do not mind, and to anyone who does this, thank you so very, very much. :D

PS: People on #zdoom told me to post it here, so if it isn't supposed to be here, feel free to move it to the editing area of classic doom.

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