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i got a major error in configuration i put doom2.wad in doom2 category and when i make my level some graphics come out as a triangle with a exclamation mark when i test the game on zdaemon. so my explanation for this is that doom builder somehow misinturpritates doom2.wad for doom1.wad. beacuse the triangle with the explanation means missing graphic and it comes up on double shotgun and archvile, the things that have been added on doom 2. someone please help, i would be gratefull

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Doom Builder only misinturpritates wrong when you select the wrong configuration :P If you really want to map for zdaemon, you could use the ZDoom configuration, but ZDoom has quite a lot more features that zdaemon doesnt have, so not everything is going to work in zdaemon. You must know what you are doing and which features zdaemon has and doesnt have. You could use the Boom or Doom 2 configuration, but then you may be able to use some things that zdaemon has over the original Doom.

Oh and try this please.

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Thanks for ur help moderator. yeh whatever about the spelling i was typing quick. i played around with what u said and now it seems to work

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