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New community project.

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I have started a new map using the Alien Vendetta textures and I am putting into the community as a open project. I have started the layout of this map and I am inviting someone to finish it and create a good layout. I want a map like AV MAP25, with huge hordes of monsters and some cool trickjumps. This way the community will get the map they really want by cooperating on a new map that will contain just the right gameplay elements.


I have included new music and a BEX patch, the wad references the Alien Vendetta wadfiles, using the cool new textures and flats. I am using the Prboom engine for new effects, anyone who works on this map is free to use all BOOM effects.

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Uh, Alien Vendetta has textures? I thought it just took textures from other wads and games.

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