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Blarg 2:The Sequel

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Today I accounce the start of the new BLARG! If you missed out on Blarg (Which i'm sure you did)you still will! Since the original wad is modified far from how it was originally planned to be when I went on a cough syrup binge! But you can hear about it here.


Anyways what I need is your help creating horrible monsters that are craptastic and have aboslutely no redeeming qualities except retardation.And thats where you come in.Simply post this...

Your monsters name
Which Monster/object It Replaces
How it attacks
Health,Weight etc
And give me a sprite,If I like it I will ask you to finish it.they dont need rotations since I am lazy and I sure you are too.

Sounds and music are also welcome.Anyone participating in the project will also get access to the betas and crap if you really want them.

Also,If you have a retarded map to contribute I wouldnt mind that either.

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Killer CheeseBurger
Lost Soul
Charges at you with it's greese powered flying abilities!
Same as LS

I'll do sprites later. :P

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Man eating cube.

replaces the demon.

makes high piched squeeky noises.

VERY low mass.

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Well I have the perfect sound for the cube and the cheeseburger sounds good.I may just do the sprites myself.

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