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hexen 2 source port

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does anyone know were i can find a copy of the hexen 2 source port, newhexen? ive got the program get right(download accelerator), and i try downloading it off of raven-games.com but its wont let me access the server, it's always busy. if i try downloading it normaly in internet explorere(without get right)it works fine. ive got 56k so i basicly cant have my net on long enough to download the 9 mg file. does anyone know a different site were i can get the file?

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Moved to EE, as this isn't a Doom-engine game.

I don't know of any other sites where you can download it, but I'd suggest trying an FTP client instead of a download manager (e.g. FlashFXP or FTP Explorer). That should enable you to download it in more than one session without getting blocked out. Edit: Tested, but it doesn't allow anonymous connections. You might be out of luck on this, as I don't see any other sites with this file.

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